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2017 Wall Calendar

Our 2017 calendar is filled with stunning images from the farm and monthly growing tips to help you grow the garden of your dreams.


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Each New Year comes with a fresh set of dreams, goals and plans and a growing list of tasks to accomplish in order to fulfill them. For as long as I can remember I’ve relied on a big, beautiful wall calendar to keep track of all of the details as I plot and plan out the year to come.

Remembering when to sow different types of seeds, the best month to order bulbs, when to cut back the chrysanthemums so that they branch, the ideal time to pinch dahlias, and all the little things in between can be tricky. In this beautiful calendar, I share my personal monthly to-do list, which has been perfected over a decade in my own cutting garden.

The magical photos are some of my very favorites captured here on the farm and I hope they inspire you, help you manage your garden a little better and get scribbled on and well loved over the coming months.

Product Details:
January – January
12 inches tall x 14 inches wide
Printed in the USA on thick, high quality paper.